Viera is one the counties best places to live in Brevard, simply because its has a wealth of resources for residents. This master-plan community has lived up to its title and enjoyed a tremendous growth in popularity. You can see the thought that has been put into this community as you drive around. The city is divided into Viera East and Viera West which encompasses just over 14,000 acres. The architect of Viera understood the need for middle landscape setting half of the land aside for conservation.

Top Reasons to Live in Viera:

Everyone enjoys the quality entertainment that Viera provides such as Brevard Zoo, Space Coast Stadium Minor and Major League games, championship golf courses, exclusive dining and shopping at the Avenues. Also, take a walk with nature at Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands Park and see a variety of wildlife photo ops. It’s just 5 miles West of Brevard Zoo. You can drive though the park area, but its frowned upon by the locales and wildlife photographers wanting to preserve the tranquility. It's free to the public. 

Brevard Zoo is a delightful and relaxing way to spend your morning or afternoon with animals from around the world. This zoo is very popular because it has a variety of exhibits that allow visitors to feed many the animals. One can take a train ride or try the challenging tree-top zip line tour that treks above all the animal exhibits and zips over the alligator pond. The swimming area and aquarium is a place for the tots to cool off and play after seeing all the exhibits. 

Space Coast Stadium is home of the Brevard Manatees our minor league baseball team which brings exciting games on a weekly basis. During the spring, we host spring training for the Washington Nationals. You can watch all the major league baseball teams as they take on the Nationals right in your backyard.
The “Avenues at Viera” has a wide variety of shops, restaurants and movie theatre. Some of the favorite restaurants are Bone Fish Grill, Pizza Gallery, Melting Pot and soon local favorite Slow n’ Low BBQ. There is something here for all ages. 

Bay Tree International, Duran and Viera East are all relatively new golf courses that avid golfers will find remarkably well designed and maintained. Play golf year around at one of the three courses in Viera or any of the 14 local courses in Brevard. There are many golf leagues for all ages and evening golf under the lights at Duran for those who work late. 

Once you've decided on Viera as your homestead, you'll need some help to sift through all the possibilities. Viera East or West? There are 58 neighborhoods in the two areas including 3 adult communities. Our professional staff at Palm Realty will efficiently help you find the home of your dreams.  

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