Our Brand is Built for Your Success

  Palm Realty is looking for real estate agents with drive and passion to join our team.  Palm Realty acknowledges it's success stems from our realtors.  We are an agent-focused brokerage.  Our agents are offered the best industry platform systems, superior personalized marketing materials and the freedom to run their own businesses.  We strive to be a cutting edge brokerage with boutique offerings.  We provide the structure, support, branding and exposure that makes your business a success; your part in the process is to provide the passion and drive to meet the needs of clients.  Palm Realty will offer you the most progressive compensation package available in real estate.  You will love our team and we will welcome you with open arms!  


Our Agents Keep Their Hard Earned Money

  • Commisions are FULLY yours
  • Superior branding and marketing materials
  • Closed = Paid
  • Trending social media strategies
  • Superior back office technology
  • No floor duty or mandatory meetings
  • Run your own business with our knowledge and expertise as support


Put More Money in Your Pocket

We have a minimal transaction fee rather than a percentage of the closing price.  More of your hard earned commission stays in your pocket. Check out the example to calculate how much more money you could make with Palm Realty.

Our marketing platform and data management makes handling each transaction a breeze! We have developed tools that offer prestige and individualized preferences to your clients along with a strong social media presence.

Our hybrid business model offers you the freedom to choose what you charge to your clients, how you manage your time, and affords you minimal transaction and technology fees to put more money in your pocket.


If you are curious to hear more about us and what we can offer, don't hesitate to get in touch. Send us your contact information (in confidence) and learn how we work.