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Palm Bay is the largest town in Brevard just south of Melbourne on the mainland. Palm Bay is home to over 100,000 residents. It was recently ranked the 15th fastest growing city in America by Forbes magazine and has been listed as by many as one of the “most innovative cities with the best bang for the buck.” It is probably Central Florida’s best kept secret rich in natural resources and has been a high tech location since the 70’s for tech giants like Harris Corporation that alone employ over 5 thousand engineers. In fact, the county includes numerous prominent high tech and aerospace employers such as: United Space Alliance, Space Gateway Support, Boeing, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell-Collins, USBI, Intersil and DRS Optronics. The Malabar road corridor is the fastest growing area in Brevard County right now. Palm Bay hospital is a 152-bed state of the art hospital with over 190 physicians is on Malabar Road. 

Top Reasons to Live in Palm Bay:

Rich in natural resources, Palm bay has 36 community parks and two main waterways that are enjoyed by those who have discovered all the area provides. You will see it as you drive along the scenic highway running for 4 miles along the Indian River Lagoon. This area of Palm Bay provides residents and visitors with surprises, including elegant dining, scenic waterfront views and a unique shopping experience. You can find outstanding cuisine at the Yellow Dog Café and The Shack are waterfront favorites on Palm Bay's east side. Discover all the activities the area provides like sport leagues for adults or children and all kinds of events going on at the community center off Port Malabar Road. Whether on land or in the water, there is always something interesting to do. 

There are many new development projects in progress that will drive economic growth to this area. Emerald City has recently received funding for the proposed new southern I-95 interchange just north of Micco Road. This new community will be designed around a central town center with diverse residential housing, retail shops, professional offices, a medical campus and a business/technology park. It is estimated to create around 6,000 new diverse employment opportunities for area residents.
Harris Corporation has announced a new 100 million dollar high tech center on its Palm Bay campus which will become the centerpiece for the companies advanced engineering efforts. The planned six-story, 450,000 square foot center is part of a broader modernization initiative designed to foster engineering innovation and attract additional highly skilled engineers to the area. 

The cities bayfront community along US-1 was recently awarded 650,000 towards a redevelopment project to enhance street-scaping, new sidewalks and pedestrian street lighting. Incentives such as tax credits, ad-valorem tax exemptions, loan guarantees and job creation bonuses for qualifying businesses that wish to locate in this district. 

The city of Palm Bay is very business friendly. It is a certified SNAP community dedicated to helping new businesses get through permitting and development review as quickly as possible. Palm Bay offers accelerated building and site permitting. The city understands that growing a successful business takes teamwork. 

Palm Bay has eleven elementary schools, four middle/high schools, five charter schools and five colleges. The A-rated schools in Palm Bay are: Lockmar, Port Malabar, Sunrise, Westside, Bayside and all 5 charter schools. The five colleges are: Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), Eastern Florida State College, University of Central Florida, Barry College and Webster. 

It's easy to see why Palm Bay is a rapidly growing community and Palm Realty would like to partner with you to find the area and home that will be best suited for your lifestyle. Homes in Palm Bay generally start at under $100,000 to $600,000. It remains one of the last areas near the beach side that one can find larger plots of land for building.  

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